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Great game

This game held my attention much longer than most puzzle games, you did a great job with this one. I managed to get through all the levels on par and in bonus mode. I love how the game makes you think, with most of the challange being just figuring out what you are supposed to do and the timing for the later levels adding a little more challange once you do. I do think that other shapes such a triangle would have made the game more interesting/challenging, but this is still a very enjoyable game.

Enjoyed very much

The gameplay was fun and the variety of monsters made me play through a few times to get to try them all out. Overall it was great. I personally loved the graphic style of the game, although the humans/enemies could have done with a little more diversity in appearance and the Homer Simpson scream got a little redundant after a while.

Other than that it was great, best game i've played on NG in a while.


Damn. I played this for quite a while and was finally able to catch a bat just last game. This is a very challenging and enjoyable game, great work on this.

Few tips that help:
eat EVERYTHING. Dont save too much or the web will be too weak to survive any onslaughts of the annoying creatures.
fireflies and queen bees destroy the web very fast.
dragonflies are extremely helpful
I beat the game with 3/4 of a web, dont fill up the whole screen. thats about all

Great game!


This game was very fun and addicting, it's a shame I'm so bad at it :(
plus you used my music!! win - win

The first on was great

and so is this one, I'm loving it so far, it has that same type of humor as the first one did while playing, good work!!


man this game was intense, once the blue squares comeinto the mix i was done for, this is an addicting game and very good, really easy to get into!


What a brilliant game!! its so addicting, the music fits the graphics so well.

Well done, truly!

thank you

Thank you for NOT making a quiz that restarts when you get a wrong answer, those are so annoying. good scoring system.


My god, i could easily spend all day wasting my time doing this, an addicting little project you've made here.

TheCleverOne responds:

Thanks, visit the site please


this was truly the best game i've played in a WHILE, truly i cannot find any flaws (i did have trouble with envy but im on a laptop so thats not YOUR fault).
Keep it up.

Yeah hey. Music and whatnot... listen up a bit mmkay?

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